racing games all time list

November 12, 2014

Online racing games have been entertaining players for the better part of this millenium. It's time we take a step back and commemorate the games that have stood above the rest. Let's dust off some classics, revisit some of our favorites, and discover racing games we never knew exisited.

We all have our own opinion on great games, but this is a list of our favorite, in order starting with #7...

American Racing - This game's great because it simulates a NASCAR circuit as you have to complete a full season of racing. The realistic "shaky" camera and ability to draft are nice elements.

Heat Rush USA - As far as your classic retro arcade racing game goes, this one takes the cake. Inspired by the Sega game Out Run.

Grand Prix Go 2 - Had to get a top-down racing game on the list, and this one's the best. Smooth gameplay and nice graphics give this one the edge.

Renegade Racing - One of the most entertaining, side-scrolling racing games you'll ever play. Tons of vehicles to unlock and achievements to achieve!

Manic Rider - You're familiar with stunt bike games. There are thousands of them online now. This one's a pioneer in that space...let's pay our respects. Not only is it one of the first of its kind, but it's challenging, and that's what makes it addicting.

Coaster Racer - Very nice 3D racing game from a first person perspective.

Earn to Die - Race through a barren desert smashing zombies in an attempt to reach safe ground. This game is a perfect combination of side-scrolling stunt racing and undead destruction. We've since seen Earn to Die 2012 and Earn to Die 2012 Part 2, but as is usually the case, the 1st edition reigns supreme, and Earn to Die is our favorite racing game of all time.